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Now the same experts that some of America’s most successful marketing organizations rely on are ready to work with you. Just call. We'll make sure your next video production, print and multimedia efforts are effective, beautifully produced, award-ready and surprisingly affordable. MORE>

You'll Be in Good Company.

Berkshire Hathaway, Arbitron, DuPont, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, the International Food Information Council and dozens of the nation’s most influential organizations rely on our specialized expertise for copywriting, script-to-screen videos, brochures and a wide range of marketing communications efforts. With our ad agency training and years of experience, we even serve as a secret weapon for agencies too. Now that same expertise is yours for the asking, no matter what category of business you’re ready to conquer. MORE>


You promised us early on that the process would be ‘joyful and hassle free’ and you delivered on that. You also delivered a video that I am so proud of and I know we'll get a lot of miles out of it as a marketing tool.


Lyn Phelps

Project Manager

Leadership Baltimore County

The Works:

Capture what’s unique about your company helps companies discover what’s unique and best about themselves, and what makes them uniquely valuable to prospects. Utilizing your Unique Selling Proposition as our framework, we develop marketing strategies and communications vehicles from your customer’s point of view, to tell your story in  more interesting and compelling ways than you’ve ever told it before. MORE>

Award-winning portfolio

It’s not enough to be just a “big idea” person in times like these. Today’s business environment demands a solid return on your investment. And that’s what these strategically-oriented marketing campaigns and communications programs delivered. MORE>

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The value of experience

Whether you’re looking to generate new leads, enhance your brand or just “get out the new brochure,” our experience guiding some of the nation’s largest organizations can work for you. Here’s where you’ll find some of the clients for whom our marketing communications expertise has made a telling difference. MORE>

Marketing success stories — and one spectacular failure

We’ve compiled quite a few success stories in the marketing communications business, on projects that include everything from selling fertilizer to helping to prevent nuclear war. MORE>

Career highlights

Ad agencies, corporations, associations and non-profits – we’ve worked with all of them, and continue to help guide their marketing communications efforts. Here’s where we’ve been. MORE>

Personal references from those I’ve served

“Personal dedication and enthusiasm…” “Superior marketing knowledge and leadership…” “Made the almost undo-able possible, a success and a pleasure…” Aww, shucks. But our clients actually wrote that about us. MORE>


Is creative outsourcing right for me? How can I be sure to get the results I want? What about direct contact with those creating my work? Find the answers you’re looking for here. MORE>

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From Washington D.C. and Baltimore to Boston, Orlando, Dallas and elsewhere, clients nationwide count on for solid marketing communications expertise. You can too. Get in touch and let’s get the conversation started. MORE>

Free book — Are You Ready for Launch?

What does it take to launch a new product, service – or you – successfully? Gerry Hanlon’s paperback book contains one pithy piece of advice per page. Great as a thought starter even for long-time marketing communications pros. MORE>