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You’ve pruned all you can. Now how to move forward brilliantly with the same experts that some of America’s most successful marketing organizations rely on? Just call. I’ll make sure your next video production, print and multimedia efforts are effective, but beautifully produced, award-ready and surprisingly affordable. MORE>

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Berkshire Hathaway, Arbitron, DuPont, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, the International Food Information Council and dozens of the nation’s most influential organizations rely on our specialized expertise for SEO copywriting, videos, brochures and a wide range of marketing communications efforts. With our ad agency training and years of experience, we even serve as a secret weapon for agencies too. Now that same expertise is yours for the asking, no matter what category of business you’re ready to conquer. MORE>



You promised us early on that the process would be ‘joyful and hassle free’ and you delivered on that. You also delivered a video that I am so proud of and I know we'll get a lot of miles out of it as a marketing tool.


Lyn Phelps

Project Manager

Leadership Baltimore County

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Selling the Sizzle – 25 Ways to Get Juicier Results From Your Next Video Production

Know what your next video will cost ahead of time.

Video production demands attention to hundreds, if not thousands of variables. How do you stay in charge of the process? How can you optimize it for online viewing and dissemination? How do you help keep management on board so it gets produced in the first place? Find out all that and more when you download this free PDF adapted from an article written by Gerry Hanlon that appeared in Developments Magazine © 2009.