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You’ve pruned all you can. Now how to move forward brilliantly with the same experts that some of America’s most successful marketing organizations rely on? Just call. I’ll make sure your next video production, print and multimedia efforts are effective, but beautifully produced, award-ready and surprisingly affordable. MORE>

You'll Be in Good Company.

Berkshire Hathaway, Arbitron, DuPont, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, the International Food Information Council and dozens of the nation’s most influential organizations rely on our specialized expertise for SEO copywriting, videos, brochures and a wide range of marketing communications efforts. With our ad agency training and years of experience, we even serve as a secret weapon for agencies too. Now that same expertise is yours for the asking, no matter what category of business you’re ready to conquer. MORE>



You promised us early on that the process would be ‘joyful and hassle free’ and you delivered on that. You also delivered a video that I am so proud of and I know we'll get a lot of miles out of it as a marketing tool.


Lyn Phelps

Project Manager

Leadership Baltimore County

The Works:


Is creative outsourcing right for me? How can I be sure to get the results I want? What about direct contact with those creating my work? Find the answers you’re looking for right here.


Is a creative resource right for you?

Marketing communications staffs have been decimated over the past few years. Now many organizations are pushing on their marcomm directors to produce unprecedented amounts of work, without the support they used to have.


If you are charged with “getting the work out the door” but aren’t in a position to hire a full-time copywriter, art director, project manager or other marketing communications specialists, hiring HanlonMarketingPartners might be the ideal solution to your challenge.


We specialize in bringing award-winning marketing communications capabilities – from an individual to an entire team – to companies, associations, non-profits and other organizations could use big time talent.


As an ad agency copywriter, creative director, project manager and former ad agency owner, Gerry Hanlon knows how to help you produce a wide range of marketing communications deliverables that get the job done, efficiently, thoughtfully and cost-effectively. We might even help your organization win some awards in the process. The complete range of capabilities we offer includes:

Obviously, you have lots of alternatives available these days – other ad agencies, outsourcing agencies and that board member’s sister in law. Get in touch with HanlonMarketingPartners though, and you’ll be working directly with the guy who brings an award-winning approach to every project.


How can I be sure to get the results I want?

There are big advantages to working directly with those who are coming up with or designing your next big idea. Gerry Hanlon works directly with clients, making sure that their marketing communications piece(s) communicate clearly and effectively to audiences that have ranged from pre-teens to seniors, from the heads of companies to the citizens of an entire state. Hanlon Marketing Partners help you get across the points you need to make. We'll contribute points you didn’t know you needed to make. And we’ll address all of your concerns from the very beginning, to make sure your work is on target at every stage of its development.


Our uniquely focused approach is designed to make sure we present your company’s best case from your customer’s point of view.


What about direct contact with those creating my work?

Working with offers a single point of contact for ease of communication, you can also speak directly with other team members at any point in the process. Just as there should be no barriers between the final piece and the audience it’s trying to reach, we make sure there are no barriers between you and the people who are working for you.



Gerry Hanlon’s creative teams have been creating award winning advertising, brochures and comprehensive marketing communications programs for over two decades, for a wide variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients. In an industry where “you’re only as good as your next idea,” we’ve managed to not only come up with those ideas, but to follow through on their development and production for some of America’s most successful organizations. That’s a track record worth exploring when you can’t waste time on anything less than the most dedicated and talented individual or team for your project.


Why not

If maintaining brand consistency is not an issue for your organization, or if just “good enough” is good enough because of extreme limitations on your budget – both valid approaches, by the way – then less experienced alternatives can accomplish your goal effectively and efficiently, as long as you’re personally prepared to spend a bit of extra time managing expectations and the project itself.


How much does it cost?

For everything from on-site content development to script-to-screen video production, our fees are competitive with those you’d expect to pay for experienced marketing communications professionals. What’s more, every project is estimated ahead of time, and we stick to that estimate. Of course, as the project develops, unforeseen circumstances and needs can affect the final charge. But additional work is undertaken only with your approval.


How quickly can you create that?

In most cases, as quickly as you need it. We’ve found that attaching a firm timeline to every project – and delivering each element promptly as promised – is the surest path to satisfaction and success for the work and for you as a client. While it’s in no one’s interest to rush through the development of any communications piece, we’ll work with you to get you the highest quality communications piece possible, in time for when you need it.


How creative will it be?

We’ve won dozens of marketing communications awards for our work and clients, including a national Silver Anvil award in 2009 from the Public Relations Society of America. We bring that approach and attention to every last detail to every project.


Who’ll be my point of contact?

Gerry Hanlon will be your primary point of contact at the beginning stages of each major initiative, and he will be continuously involved throughout the process. He brings a painstaking level of attention to detail to each creative team, to make sure you get everything you were expecting. And then some.


What if my question isn’t answered here?

Get in touch directly at any time with, or call 443-980-7626.